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blackcouncil's Journal

The Black Council
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The Black Council is an exclusive community only for the truly eeeevil denizens of the Middle-Earth SockPuppet Theater. Anyone may apply to join, but not all will be accepted. Merely being evil in canon is not good enough -- you must be truly eeeevil in MESPT. Rape, murder, cannibalism, repeatedly setting your children on fire (even when they don't deserve it), bringing about a second or even third darkness -- these are all good application criteria.

We do not accept the trendy-wicked or the merely naughty. If you're not sure if you qualify, look at our current roster and ask yourself, "Am I that evil...?" If the answer is "fuckin' yeah," then try to get a member to sponsor you in for a vote. Be warned: Evidence of non-evilness (before OR after approval) is grounds for expulsion and mocking laughter. So no petting kittens. Unless they're eeeevil kittens.

Remember, if the world hates and fears you...You Might Be Eeeevil. Or you might be a member of the X-Men. Check for spandex before applying.